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October 22, 2012

Betty Black ‘Bad Weather’ EP out 10/23/12 !

And the beauty unfolds…
Betty Black ‘Bad Weather’ EP released digitally Tuesday, October 23rd on Frau Pink / KID Recordings.

Produced by Sylvia Black with Rudyard Lee Cullers and Jamin Gilbert. Featuring “Am I Not Your Girl?”, “Bad Weather” and hypnotic new single “Fatality Of Love”.

“In a perfect world, Betty Black would be your new favorite diva, as she has all of the pop friendliness that the title implies, but grounded in a restless musicality” –Pop Matters

October 9, 2012

Tommy Bones & Lydia Rhodes ‘What I Feel” (The Remixes Part One)

Tommy Bones & Lydia Rhodes ‘What I Feel” (The Remixes Part One) featuring mixes from Eric Kupper and Terry Lee Brown Jr. OUT TODAY at all fine digital retailers. Check it out here:

August 22, 2012


Download Vanessa Daou’s striking new song “REVOLUTION” remixed by TEEEL as part of a techno-progressivist collaboration with NOOKA + SYNTH RECORDS. The song is a preview from her forthcoming 7th studio album ‘Light Sweet Crude’. Daou’s “‘Revolution” reflects on the power of Words and Music to shape ideas and inspire change. The lyrics describe the complexity of recognizing the truth and the external forces that shape our lives. Whether inside oneself or outside in the streets, the possibility for ‘Revolution’ lies inside each one of us.

Grab it here:

August 16, 2012


Gifted with a unique combination of poetic lyricism and a sensuous voice, singer and songwriter VANESSA DAOU has defined the sound of New York’s deep house, progressive jazz infused electronica and downtempo music scenes since the early 1990′s.

With the release of the fourth (and final) single culled from her soul-stirring, self-produced opus Joe Sent Me, the sultry, spoken word and avant jazz/pop chanteuse delivers a dynamic package that fully reflects her diverse musical inspirations from jazz, pop, electronic, house and downtempo.

On BLACK & WHITE: THE REMIXES EP, Daou enlists a selection of top-notch international producers to cleverly reinvent her bouncy, swingin’ jazz original into a pulsating late night groove ideal for clubs, lounges and/or home spins.

Guaranteed to satisfy both DJs and Daou’s legion of loyal fans alike, the set includes re-rubs from Finnish nu-disco/electronic house innovator Jori Hulkkonen, German dark, electronic pop conceptualist Mark Reeder and Compost Records’ Shahrokh Dini, along with the “Jazz Noir Mix” from Vanessa and co-writer/co-producer, Blake Robin (aka Baron Von Luxxury).

BLACK & WHITE: THE REMIXES EP will befollowed by a full-length remix album, Speak.Easy: The Moonshine Mixes (Joe Sent Me Revisited). Due for release in late September, the compilation features a cherry-picked collection of new and previously released remixed works from Joe Sent Me marking the closing chapter to the artist’s successful and long-running remix campaign.

Available now at Itunes

August 8, 2012


Free download of  the new singel  “What I Feel” by Tommy Bones and Lydia Rhodes available at!

From Maxi: I don’t know about you, but his how I like my house: deep, dark and delicious. The drums are tribal, the bassline is big and the marimbas add some nice tropical flavor. If this is the original mix of the new Tommy Bones And Lydia Rhodes single, I cannot wait until all the remixes drop.

Download here

July 4, 2012

Allies For Everyone “Scavenger” EP

Allies For Everyone
Scavenger EP

New York-based Allies For Everyone (aka Brian Suarez and Arvin Ajamian) have a penchant for dreamy, melodic synth-pop fueled by deep house and techy, electronic beats. Comparisons to Pet Shop Boys and Fad Gadget harken back to the golden age of 80′s alternative pop, while they fit right in with contemporaries like Junior Boys, Benoit & Sergio, Bag Raiders and Wolf + Lamb. The duo has that rare ability to command a dance floor while simultaneously pulling at your heart strings which has lead to their lush new 4-cut ‘Scavenger EP’. Each cut layers captivating storytelling and luxurious vocals with percolating percussion and deep basslines.

The pair has already gained heavy press and DJ support; and earlier this year, they were tapped to remix fellow NYC-based electronic duo Automagic’s new single “Iris” alongside Juan MacLean, Rich Morel, Best Mate, and Echogram. Expect a string of live dates from the act to follow, as well as, the single release for the title track with accompanying video directed by Brian McAllister.

“Beautifully innocent club tracks that serve as the perfect alloy of sweet 80′s synth pop and new school electro jack, Allies have found a sound that should – and probably will – melt the coldest of hearts.” – Time Out New York

“A peaceful sentiment drifting on top of an insistent pulse: that’s the Allies guarantee. The music is fuller, the beats more perplexingly intricate and the tone more unequivocally playful.” – Interview Magazine

July 4, 2012

Mother Jefferson “Lost In The Past”

Mother Jefferson
Lost In The Past
KIDD 10010

Innovative producer, remixer, DJ and engineer-extraordinaire, Rob Rives as gone under many names; Floppy Sounds, Phantom Power, Fluid X and Shade. On his long-awaited KID Recordings debut, he chose to reach back into pop TV culture and grab the mother-in-law from The Jefferson as his new alias.

Rives has established himself as one of New York’s premiere architects of hard, dark and penetrating electro-fuelled tech-house having worked with an impressive array of luminaries including Yoko Ono, Can, Underworld, Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, The Orb, Green Velvet, X-Press 2, Francois K. and Danny Tenaglia. On “Lost In The Past” he begs the question: “what is house?” House is whatever you want it to be – the pulsating fusion of past and present in harmonious union. The result is a sweaty, unapologetically underground workout worthy of prime-time spins. B-side “Dusk” is an existential journey into psychedelic prog-house and stargazing space disco clocking in just under 11 minutes (owing much to Pink Floyd, Manuel Göttsching, Global Communication and Woolfy vs Projections) with an edit by Jason Hayer.

July 4, 2012

DJ Bander “Boomtown” EP

DJ Bander
Boomtown EP
KIDDEP 10017Artist, producer, DJ and remixer DJ Bander is a Brooklyn-born/LA residing multi-talent who’s sculpted his versatile sound based on a hybrid of styles from deep, soulful tech-house and cinematic downtempo to gritty, big room electro bangers and euphoric, progressive house anthems that sit neatly between EDX, Kaskade, Eric Prydz, Skream, Avicii and Mark Knight. His own productions, plus remixes for Katy Perry, Vanessa Daou, Jon B and Automagic, and his energized DJ sets have already earned him a strong following, as well as, the 2010 HMMA Award for Best Original New Electronica Artist, a sponsorship with premiere global consumer electronics brand Sol Republic and an ad campaign with L’Oreal Paris and Diesel’s “Only The Brave” Tattooed Artist series. His new EP, Boomtown, marries his acute underground sensibility with mainstream appeal for 4 peak-time scorchers destined to become crate essentials for the summer and
July 4, 2012

Automagic “Iris” (The Remixes Part Two)

Iris (The Remixes Part Two)
KIDDEP 10014

NYC’s leftfield/post-disco/indie-dance producers William Lynn (DJ Willof notorious NYC gay artzine and monthly dance party Spank) and Bryan Wright aka Automagic have have already created an underground stir with “Iris” (The Remixes Part One), their sophomore release for KID Recordings, with remixes by Juan Maclean, Richard Morel, DJ Bander, Best Mate and Allies For Everyone.

The duo now unleash “Iris” (The Remixes Part Two) featuring outstanding vocal mixes by Juan Maclean and Allies For Everyone, Richard Morel’s alternative disco dub and the addition of Ireland-based indie rock outfit  Echogram to the remix line-up. The new set further explores the many shades of electronic, alternative, tech, nu disco, and funk.

Will and Bryan are already in the studio putting the final touches on their next KID release – a groove-heavy club anthem featuring legendary Brand New Heavies frontwoman/singer/songwriter N’dea Davenport. The release promises to be another feather in the duo’s cap.


April 13, 2012

Betty Black Asks “Am I Not Your Girl?”

KIDD 10015
APRIL 17, 2012

The Southern Gothic Chanteuse Returns With The Hypnotic Second Single From Her Forthcoming Bad Weather EP“Am I Not Your Girl?” Out Digitally April 17th On Frau Pink/KID Recordings

Hot on the heels of her recent single, BAD WEATHER, BETTY BLACK (aka Sylvia Gordon) returns with the lustful slow-burner AM I NOT YOUR GIRL? (the second single from her forthcoming BAD WEATHER EP, slated for release in May).

The release marks the next chapter in the artist’s string of increasingly essential releases that delve inward to expose the full depth of her emotions through potent literary narratives about love, loss, longing, salvation, rapture, fulfillment and escape with razor-sharp intensity and brute-force determination.  This has become the hallmark of her output, so it’s not surprising that she’s become an in demand songwriter and collaborator with some of pop and electronic music’s biggest acts like Black Eyed Peas, Moby, Telepopmusik, Kelis, Chris Brown and Benny Benassi.

With AM I NOT YOUR GIRL?, the sultry pop practitioner continues to grapple with all things carnal and sensual delivering a visceral, barbed-wire tale about intense yearning, fixation and desire for a departed lover who’s spurned her for another, causing unraveling emotional turmoil and desperation. “I’m the one who’s been here all along” she implores passionately before making her intentions perfectly clear with a captivating clarity and force: “How I give it all to you, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do…am I not your girl? Am I not your girl? I know that you need me, I know you still care, I know you can feel me hanging in the air, I know that you want me, why don’t you just give in?”

Melding influences from country, southern gothic rock, Delta blues, pop and avant-garde experimentation, she boldly carves out a haunting, surreal and majestic sound all her own. The dense hazy instrumentation shimmers with an artful sheen as it moves from a desperate plea to an urgent exotic attack. Emphasis on the vocals and words brings a rich imagery and ambition to the piercing track embellished with eerie keyboards, guitar, deep rumbling bass, sharp militaristic drums and howling backing vocals.

The single is backed by a remix from longtime collaborator and former Kudu (now Art World Killer) band mate, Deantoni Parks. The acclaimed avant-garde/experimental drummer, songwriter and producer (who’s worked with everyone from Mars Volta, John Cale, Meshell Ndegeocello, Moby, Lenny Kravitz andSade) delivers an intricate and buoyant late night groove punctuated with jagged distorted percussion, rumbling bass, ominous keys and radiant piano that finds an unlikely middle ground between abstract electronica, “witch house” and dub-step. Black re-sings the song recasting it as a soaring seduction where her lyrics take on a more defiant sexual overtone.

Black produced what would become the official version of AM I NOT YOUR GIRL? after requesting her guitarist,Avi Bortnik, to re-harmonize Parks’ urban electronic version. She added her sly signature beats and smoldering synths of a dark and dusty timbre which sound like the aural equivalent to a cinematic love story set under a lonely roadside lit by flickering neon signage.

Parks’ Mix is featured in the single’s striking video where Black (who also directed the clip) enlists several drag artists including  New York gender bender, Jordan Fox, and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 contestant, Sharon Needles, to cleverly bring her searing portrayal to life. It’s another ambitious move for the artist who refuses to limit herself and is always eager to transform and experiment.

AM I NOT YOUR GIRL? closes with a brilliant take on Madonna’s classic 1984 hit, DRESS YOU UP. Stripping away the bouncy, drum beat-driven dance of the Material Girl’s original, Black reinvents the song into an ornate atmospheric lullaby laced with lush strings, hypnotic sax, slow pulsing drums, twinkling keys and supple velvety croons that immerse you in its hazy expanse.