Michael Alago has worked in the music industry for nearly two decades as producer and talent scout. Known and respected by most of the major labels for his expertise in a variety of musical genres, Alago discovered Metallica and worked with a diverse group of artists that includes Michael Feinstein, Johnny Rotten, White Zombie and Nina Simone. “Working with the incomparable Nina was my finest hour,” says Michael, speaking of their work together on the critically acclaimed album “A Single Woman,” the singer’s last recording.

Richard Morel has established himself as a perennial force in electronic music as a writer, producer, performer and DJ.
Renowned for his signature, deep and progressive, electronic dance-rock sound, Morel has become an in-demand singer/songwriter, producer and remixer (working under his Pink Noise alias) crafting ferocious anthems for an impressive list of artists including Cyndi Lauper, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Depeche Mode, Yoko Ono, La Roux, The Killers, Lily Allen and Mariah Carey. As a DJ Morel is one half of BLOWOFF with Bob Mould and also throws Rich Morel’s Hot Sauce! events.



KID RECORDINGS (short for “Keep It Deep”) is a new label venture from industry veteran Craig Roseberry of New York-based Shifty Entertainment artist management and marketing company. The label promises to be a reliable outpost for sophisticated and forward-thinking, modern music without borders or simple categorization featuring a diverse roster of established and emerging innovators in the worlds of “quality” dance, electronic, nu soul, future jazz, intelligent post-rock, alterna-pop, hip-hop and beyond including: SOFT COMPLEX, VANESSA DAOU, BETTY BLACK, VIVIAN ALIVE!, AUTOMAGIC, ..: ( ..,LYDIA RHODES, producer/remixer and former Francois K. and Danny Tenaglia engineer ROB RIVES (aka FLOPPY SOUNDS) and many more.

Contact : Craig Roseberry: shiftymusic@earthlink.net


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  1. Jeff Liberty

    I have a NEW song on itunes that I wrote with Babette Joyce Hayward . It’s the companion song to “Madeleine” It’s called “Bastard Town” preview and buy it here
    http://itunes.apple.com/ca/​album/bastard-town-single/​id489929894 – Perform live under the name Whitney 3

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