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October 22, 2012

Betty Black ‘Bad Weather’ EP out 10/23/12 !

And the beauty unfolds…
Betty Black ‘Bad Weather’ EP released digitally Tuesday, October 23rd on Frau Pink / KID Recordings.

Produced by Sylvia Black with Rudyard Lee Cullers and Jamin Gilbert. Featuring “Am I Not Your Girl?”, “Bad Weather” and hypnotic new single “Fatality Of Love”.

“In a perfect world, Betty Black would be your new favorite diva, as she has all of the pop friendliness that the title implies, but grounded in a restless musicality” –Pop Matters

October 19, 2012

Tommy Bones & Lydia Rhodes “What I Feel” on Frankie Knuckles’ Traxsource Top 10!

October 17, 2012

Vanessa Daou on forthcoming album ‘Light Sweet Crude’

Vanessa Daou on forthcoming album ‘Light Sweet Crude’:

“Music, poetry, song; the secret regions of the voice. The far edges of consciousness and memory,: those liminal realms reached by the Poet’s phrasings and timbres, a lover’s inchoate

whispers. Words and melodies are all tools and instruments, salves or salvos, and, like weapons, they can be directed, aimed and launched, as a direct response or spontaneous reaction; as an invitation or instigation, through subtext or subterfuge.The focus of ‘Light Sweet Crude’ is language and the many ways it can be explored, layered, presented, subverted and delivered.”Read more on my blog @

October 9, 2012

Tommy Bones & Lydia Rhodes ‘What I Feel” (The Remixes Part One)

Tommy Bones & Lydia Rhodes ‘What I Feel” (The Remixes Part One) featuring mixes from Eric Kupper and Terry Lee Brown Jr. OUT TODAY at all fine digital retailers. Check it out here: