Betty Black Asks “Am I Not Your Girl?”

KIDD 10015
APRIL 17, 2012

The Southern Gothic Chanteuse Returns With The Hypnotic Second Single From Her Forthcoming Bad Weather EP“Am I Not Your Girl?” Out Digitally April 17th On Frau Pink/KID Recordings

Hot on the heels of her recent single, BAD WEATHER, BETTY BLACK (aka Sylvia Gordon) returns with the lustful slow-burner AM I NOT YOUR GIRL? (the second single from her forthcoming BAD WEATHER EP, slated for release in May).

The release marks the next chapter in the artist’s string of increasingly essential releases that delve inward to expose the full depth of her emotions through potent literary narratives about love, loss, longing, salvation, rapture, fulfillment and escape with razor-sharp intensity and brute-force determination.  This has become the hallmark of her output, so it’s not surprising that she’s become an in demand songwriter and collaborator with some of pop and electronic music’s biggest acts like Black Eyed Peas, Moby, Telepopmusik, Kelis, Chris Brown and Benny Benassi.

With AM I NOT YOUR GIRL?, the sultry pop practitioner continues to grapple with all things carnal and sensual delivering a visceral, barbed-wire tale about intense yearning, fixation and desire for a departed lover who’s spurned her for another, causing unraveling emotional turmoil and desperation. “I’m the one who’s been here all along” she implores passionately before making her intentions perfectly clear with a captivating clarity and force: “How I give it all to you, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do…am I not your girl? Am I not your girl? I know that you need me, I know you still care, I know you can feel me hanging in the air, I know that you want me, why don’t you just give in?”

Melding influences from country, southern gothic rock, Delta blues, pop and avant-garde experimentation, she boldly carves out a haunting, surreal and majestic sound all her own. The dense hazy instrumentation shimmers with an artful sheen as it moves from a desperate plea to an urgent exotic attack. Emphasis on the vocals and words brings a rich imagery and ambition to the piercing track embellished with eerie keyboards, guitar, deep rumbling bass, sharp militaristic drums and howling backing vocals.

The single is backed by a remix from longtime collaborator and former Kudu (now Art World Killer) band mate, Deantoni Parks. The acclaimed avant-garde/experimental drummer, songwriter and producer (who’s worked with everyone from Mars Volta, John Cale, Meshell Ndegeocello, Moby, Lenny Kravitz andSade) delivers an intricate and buoyant late night groove punctuated with jagged distorted percussion, rumbling bass, ominous keys and radiant piano that finds an unlikely middle ground between abstract electronica, “witch house” and dub-step. Black re-sings the song recasting it as a soaring seduction where her lyrics take on a more defiant sexual overtone.

Black produced what would become the official version of AM I NOT YOUR GIRL? after requesting her guitarist,Avi Bortnik, to re-harmonize Parks’ urban electronic version. She added her sly signature beats and smoldering synths of a dark and dusty timbre which sound like the aural equivalent to a cinematic love story set under a lonely roadside lit by flickering neon signage.

Parks’ Mix is featured in the single’s striking video where Black (who also directed the clip) enlists several drag artists including  New York gender bender, Jordan Fox, and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 4 contestant, Sharon Needles, to cleverly bring her searing portrayal to life. It’s another ambitious move for the artist who refuses to limit herself and is always eager to transform and experiment.

AM I NOT YOUR GIRL? closes with a brilliant take on Madonna’s classic 1984 hit, DRESS YOU UP. Stripping away the bouncy, drum beat-driven dance of the Material Girl’s original, Black reinvents the song into an ornate atmospheric lullaby laced with lush strings, hypnotic sax, slow pulsing drums, twinkling keys and supple velvety croons that immerse you in its hazy expanse.


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