Soft Complex “Wounded Valentine” EP

Wounded Valentine (Remixes) - Soft Complex


“Moody synth-pop that’s made for dancing…keep your ears open!” Washington Post

“Sounds like the whole of ’80s radio recombined into a fluidly sentimental symphony.”
The Onion AV Club

Wounded Valentine’s lovelorn swoon is a perfectly balanced mix of melody and rhythm that recalls classic ‘80s alternative and club-friendly synth-pop from NEW ORDER, THE SMITHS, BLANCMANGE and OMD. But far from simply being 80s-revivalists, the acclaimed DC-based indie-rock quartet (aka vocalist Shane German, guitarist/keyboardist Chris Connelly, drummer Rich Dejong and bassist Mike Harbin) have successfully re-envisioned the best elements of a much-loved sound for the 21st Century club, headphones or bedroom.

The single marks the bands first release since their 2006 BARCELONA EP (Silverthree Sound Recordings). And while its elegant literate melancholy may not seem to be your typical dancefloor fodder, the track has been tailor-made made for maximum club spins courtesy of the propulsive no-nonsense production overhaul from fellow DC native / producer / remixer and former Deep Dish collaboratorRICHARD MOREL. Morel brilliantly cloaks the song’s broken heart with an irresistible swagger and tough electro-industrial beats, building upon chunky menacing basslines, euphoric synth melodies and a contagious hook that will seduce both dance and rock fans alike. Featuring dynamic reconstructions byMOREL, TOMMIE SUNSHINE and NIGHTRIDERS (aka Boston-based nu French disco duo, MATT JOHNSON and JOE FARIA), the WOUNDED VALENTINE EP lays claim to the great, glacial lineage of heartbreak disco.

1. Wounded Valentine (Extended Club Mix)
2. Wounded Valentine (Morel’s Pink Noise Vocal Mix)
3. Wounded Valentine (Morel’s Pink Noise Dub)
4. Wounded Valentine (Tommie Sunshine’s Quaalude Remix)
5. Wounded Valentine (Nightriders Late Night Seduction Vocal Mix)
6. Wounded Valentine (Nightriders Late Night Seduction Dub)


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